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7 Packing Tips for Private Flights

Before embarking on your private jet flight, you may be wondering how to pack for your trip. Those…

Before embarking on your private jet flight, you may be wondering how to pack for your trip.

Those familiar with the commercial aviation experience love the benefits private charter offers, especially the maximum flexibility for luggage. In this article, we’re answering some of your most frequently asked questions about packing for a trip aboard a private jet.

How many bags can I bring aboard?

The luggage capacity is usually equivalent to one suitcase and one carry-on item per passenger, depending on the number of passengers. As many charter trips carry fewer than the maximum number of passengers, you’ll usually be able to bring more.

What’s the best type of luggage to use?

It’s important to note: softer bags are often easier to load than hardshell cases, so you can carry more luggage when you pack in soft bags.

Soft bags are eaiser to load

Buy the extra souvenirs.

Do I have to check my bags?

When you arrive at the private jet terminal, you’ll be able to go from car to cabin in just a few moments while aviation professionals load your luggage directly on the plane. With exclusive access to the private jet terminal, you’ll avoid long security lines entirely — no more removing shoes, emptying pockets, and pulling computers out of bags. Plus, you’ll never have to endure those embarrassing full-body scans and pat-downs.

What are the baggage fees?

Your private charter flight is all-inclusive; there are never extra fees for over-weight or checked baggage. That means you’ll never have to weigh then re-pack a bag in front of a crowd. So go ahead – buy the extra souvenirs.

exclusive access to the  private jet terminal

Skip the lines. Avoid the crowds.

Can I bring my odd-shaped items like sports equipment and instruments?

Many private charter clients require accommodations for unusual size and shape luggage. Be sure to mention your luggage needs when booking a trip.

How soon after landing can I retrieve my luggage?

After you land, your bags are simply unloaded from the cargo space and given to you. You’ll never have to wait for your luggage to circle the crowded baggage claim carousel. This is hassle-free flying!

Can I fly with pets?

The short answer to this question is: yes, your pets can travel safely with you. Read more about fur-st class travel here.

 Simple boarding process

Arrive minutes before departure and fly fast.

We’ll customize every part of your trip to your exact requirements — including your luggage needs.

When you book your flight, be sure to let your aviation specialist know about your luggage needs. With a boarding process this simple, you can arrive in as little as 20 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Welcome to hassle-free flying.

Ready to pack your bags for a trip?

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