About the Aircraft

The Learjet 60 can quickly climb to its high cruising altitude, has considerable speed, and a reliability record that cannot be beaten. The largest Learjet produced by Bombardier, the Learjet 60 offers a stand-up cabin, a fully enclosed lavatory as well as plenty of extra elbow and legroom for 8 passengers.

N508AB was manufactured in 2004 and was refurbished with a new interior in 2018 and new paint in 2021. The aircraft also offers complimentary WI-FI. Additionally, N508AB carries a $100 million liability insurance policy.

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private charter jets
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Aft enclosed, belted lavatory
Fully reclining passenger seats
Electrical outlet
Full galley with drinks and snacks
Complimentary inflight domestic 4G WI-FI



Type: Jet
Passenger Seating: 8
Range: 2,400 nm
Max Cruise Altitude: 51,000 feet
Crew: 2 pilots - Wyvern and ARGUS Platinum Crews
$100 million liability limits
Cosmetics: Paint (2018) Interior (2018)

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private charter jets