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Now Hiring Pilots

AB Jets is looking for PIC and SICs to operate our expanding fleet of Lear 60s. This is a home-based position. no relocation is required.

Our pilots have the fortitude to see the mission through. The pilots of AB Jets are selected based on their willingness to serve our clients and their ability to seek our safe and conscientious solutions to the problems presented by a dynamic aviation environment.

AB Jet Charter Jet
AB Jets Lear 60
AB Jets runway

AB Jets offers the total package.

  • Known Days off – 12 days off every 16 days
  • Very Competitive Pay with guaranteed raises
  • Great Quality of Life – Your commute is built into your 16-day rotation. 12 hard days off!
  • Good Benefits – Access to the KCM Program, Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance, and 401(k) with match
  • Awesome Aircraft! We operate the powerful Lear 60; the closest thing to a fighter that civilian flying offers.

We operate the powerful Lear 60, the closest thing to a fighter that civilian flying offers.

A type rating in the Lear 60 is not required. AB Jets will pay for all required training for a successful applicant. A training agreement may be required in some cases.

AB Jets Lear 60

Minimum Requirements for ALL flight crew members

  • Able to lift at least 75lbs
  • Must pass company and TSA background checks
  • Able to work flexible hours
  • Must be able to legally work in the U.S.A.
  • Pilots must live within 1:30 hours of a major airport

Minimum Requirements to join AB Jets as a Captain

  • Airline Trasport Pilot Certificate
  • First Class Medical
  • Current Passport
  • 3000 Hours Total Flying Time
  • 1000 Hours Turbine Pilot-In-Command Flying Time
  • 1500 Hours Multi-Engine Flying Time
  • 300 Hours Instrument Time

Minimum Requirements to join AB Jets as a First Officer

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Second Class Medical
  • Current Passport
  • ATP, R-ATP, or 1500 Hours Total Flying Time
  • 500 Hours Multi-Engine Flying Time
  • 75 Hours Instrument Time
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