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About AB Jets 

We offer private jets with nonstop access to most U.S. and Caribbean destinations

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What We Do


AB Jets is one of the largest Lear 60 Operators in the country.

We offer hassle-free private jet charter. With 24-hour operations, this is the smartest way to get from Point A to Point B on your next trip.

Fly more. Worry less.

Why We Do It


Fortitude. FTD is more than our call sign.

We resolve to meet and exceed all safety standards. We are determined to deliver unparalleled service for an unmatched travel experience. This is our commitment to each client.


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AB Jets is a full service aircraft charter and management company founded in 1999 with safety as a top priority.

Aircraft Charter

AB Jets has earned the prestigious IS-BAO registration as well as ARG/US Platinum rating, and a Wyvern recommendation. Onboard, clients will reach their destination with FAA-certified crew members that are experienced and receive simulator-based training annually.

AB Jets offers unparalleled service while being committed to flying clients to their destinations comfortably and without hassle. With 24-hour operations, clients can utilize the AB Jets fleet of aircraft at any time ensuring discerning customers’ convenience, confidentiality, and personal attention. Experience the smartest way to get from Point A to Point B on your next trip.

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Aircraft Management

AB Jets offers a wide range of aircraft management options to handle the day-to-day issues that can make aircraft ownership time-consuming and burdensome. Services include Maintenance, Finance, Flight Department, Crew Training, and Dispatching. Also, AB Jets offers an opportunity for the aircraft to generate additional revenue while not in use by placing it on the charter certificate. This extra revenue can assist aircraft owners with the cost of aircraft ownership, making the aircraft an even more valuable asset.

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Aircraft Sales

Buying an aircraft can be quite overwhelming for even the most experienced air traveler. AB Jets can assist with aircraft selection, acquisition, and operation. AB Jets has a wide variety of contacts and resources to help make your aircraft purchase an enjoyable and easy experience.

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