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Welcome to one of the nation’s most trusted and reliable private jet operators.
We have been providing our clients with exceptional service for over two decades.
Lear 60

History & Experience

Andrew Bettis founded AB Jets in 1999, forming a team of aviation professionals committed to offering our passengers the highest level of safety, comfort, and convenience. Our experts include highly trained pilots, experienced maintenance personnel, and dedicated customer service representatives. We operate a fleet of Learjet 60 aircraft, among the industry’s most popular and trusted private jets. The focus on safety and quality has earned us a reputation as one of the country’s most reliable operators.

AB Jets Lear 60
Safety First

We go above and beyond to ensure that all our aircraft are maintained to meet or exceed the highest standards and are always up to date on safety inspections. Our highly experienced pilots undergo regular training and certification to ensure they are constantly updated on the latest safety procedures and regulations. We are also proud to be an ARG/US Platinum-rated operator with the highest safety rating in the private aviation industry.

Luxury & Convenience
Luxury and convenience go hand in hand. We offer many amenities on board our Lear 60 aircraft, including luxurious leather seating, complimentary WiFi, and gourmet catering options. Our clients can also take advantage of our restaurant recommendations. We strive to make the entire private jet experience seamless and stress-free.
Unmatched Customer Service
From the moment you book your flight, our team ensures that every aspect of your travel experience is carefully crafted to your specifications. We are available 24/7/365 to create a customized travel itinerary.

Our Team

At AB Jets, we are proud of our team and the expertise that they bring to our business. Many of our Directors have been on the team for more than a decade. The steadfast commitment from our team members means AB Jets has persisted with success. Longevity reflects each of our unwavering resolve to deliver excellence. We believe this sets us apart in luxyry private jet travel.

Highly trained and experienced flight crews operate our aircraft to the highest safety and efficiency standards. They undergo rigorous, regular training and certification to stay continuously updated on the latest technologies and procedures.

Our maintenance staff are experts in every aspect of the aircraft’s maintenance, from routine inspections to major maintenance. They ensure our planes are reliable and in top condition.

Flight Schedulers provide 24/7/365 availability to make reservations and provide support during travel. They coordinate with flight crews, ground transportatin, and other service providers to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our team of aviation professionals understnad aviation regulations and is committed to providing exceptional service. We work to ensure our clients are safe and comfortable during their flights.


Behind-The Scenes

In this behind-the-scenes video, you’ll meet one of our flight crews as they prepare for a flight. You’ll get an inside view of the work that goes into ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for our clients.

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