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Jet Card

For Travelers Who Fly 10+ Hours Per Year


Ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Enjoy the private jet experience without the hassle of aircraft ownership.

Up To 25% Off

All A to B Jet Card holders receive round-trip discounts

Your Hours

Fly on your time. Hours never expire.
Fly your hours when you want. Your prepaid base hours are multiplied by your guaranteed hourly rate. Hours never expire. Never pay membership dues.


Your Benefits

Inclusive pricing. Round trip discounts. Everything is included in your guaranteed rates, from flight time to crew charges. All this with no membership dues. A bonus: discounts for round trip flights.


Your Experience

Easy booking. Exceptional service.
Enjoy a unique blend of contemporary luxury and genuine hospitality. Every detail is carefully considered for travel far and above first class.

Private Flying. Simplified.

Locked in rates. No Fuel Surcharge. Easy Booking.

jet card private charter jets

Do my hours ever expire?

Your hours never expire. Additionally, 100% of your unused hours are refundable at any time.

Is there a fuel surcharge?

Your fuel surcharge is $0.00. To make your experience hassle-free, fuel fees are all-inclusive.

Where can I fly?

Simply put: you decide. You’ll have access to thousands of airports, including those with infrequent or no scheduled airline service.


Do I have to pay for repositioning?

You’ll never pay repositioning fees. You’re charged only on your actual flight times.

The A to B Jet Card

Prepaid Hours.
No Long Term Commitment.
All Inclusive Pricing. 

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