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Private Charter

AB Jets Is Your Full-Service Learjet Operator

Each charter experience is customized to fit your exact needs.
Our aviation specialists are standing by 24/7/365 to design your trip.

Business Aviation

Achieve your goals with unmatched speed and flexibility.

Personal Travel

Enjoy stress-free travel in luxurious comfort.

The A to B Jet Card

For travelers who fly 10+ hours per year

Enjoy the perks of flying private without the hassle of jet ownership with your own A to B Jet Card. Benefits include annual locked-in rates and no expiration date.

Crafted To Your Exact Needs

Your Destination

Access thousands of airports. Get closer to where you want to go with departures and arrivals at locations with infrequent or no scheduled airline service.

Your Schedule

Fly whenever you want with no blackout dates or membership dues. Above all, a private charter is flexible because you set the itinerary.

Your Preferences

Whether seasonal cuisine or a specific car service, all your needs are met when each trip is designed according to your exact specifications.

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Business Aviation

A more efficient, productive, and successful business is within reach when executive travel is customized to your specific needs.


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Increased Efficiency

Benefit your bottom line and gain a competitive advantage while en route. When you utilize the airplane as a working, flying office, travel time will actually heighten your executive productivity.


Greater Flexibility

There’s no substitute for getting people together to build a personal connection, spark creativity, and build culture. There’s no need to diminish performance because you are bound to an inflexible travel schedule.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees who are home at night come to work the next day rested and refreshed. Gone are the back-to-back twelve-hour days packed with meetings and travel. Now you can accomplish it all in one eight-hour day.

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Personal Travel

Fly fast in non-stop luxury while you enjoy this VIP experience for your leisure travel. You’ll arrive in ultimate style and comfort.

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Maximize Time

Private aviation will add at least another day to the time at your destination. With access to private terminals, you’ll avoid long security lines and invasive baggage checks. Make more memories because there’s no need to arrive hours before your flight.

Reduce Stress

Sit back and relax with the freedom and flexibility of flying private. You’ll never need to rush to meet rigid itineraries just to be crammed in with strangers on a commercial flight. With AB Jets, you can enjoy an extraordinary VIP experience.

Guarantee Discretion

Our luxurious private cabins provide for your ultimate confidentiality. Flying private ensures your safety. Don’t expose yourself to the public eye, instead travel in safety, security, and with peace of mind.

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