October 17, 2023
AB Jets Achieves Hat Trick with the Addition of Three Bombardier Challenger 3500, Marking New Chapter for the Company.
AB Jets transforms its fleet by acquiring three Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft, with a contractual option to order a fourth by the end of 2023.

With the acquisition, AB Jets enters the super-midsize category, embarking on an important new chapter for the company.

The bestselling Challenger 3500 jet remains a top choice for operators looking to offer an unparalleled cabin experience, connectivity, and comfort.

AB Jets and Bombardier announced today the acquisition by AB Jets of three Bombardier Challenger 3500 aircraft, with a contractual option to order a fourth by the end of 2023. Adding the industry’s best super-midsize business jet to their fleet marks a transformational new chapter for the Argus Platinum-rated private charter company.

Standing left to right: Andrew Bettis, Founder and Co-Owner of AB Jets; David Turner, Co-Owner and Director of Operations at AB Jets; Mark H. George, Chairman at IMC; Front row: Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Aircraft Sales & Bombardier Defense, Frank Vento, Vice President, Sales – US.

A Milestone Achievement

“This fleet expansion represents a milestone in AB Jets’ history,” said Andrew Bettis, Founder and Co-owner of AB Jets. “We’re pleased to meet our clients’ demands with a new category of aircraft in the Challenger 3500. These super mid-size jets will bring an extended range and comfort to our fleet, increasing our ability to service our clientele.”

With its unparalleled cabin experience, the Challenger 3500 aircraft responds to the demands of the most discerning business jet users. With an industry-leading dispatch reliability of over 99.8% and the lowest direct operating costs in its class, it is a popular choice for fleet operators. The aircraft’s award-winning, immaculately designed cabin features Bombardier’s revolutionary Nuage seats, voice-controlled management of lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems and the only 24-inch, 4K display in its class. Its low cabin altitude and the exceptional smooth ride, together with advanced connectivity features, all play into the popularity of this bestselling super mid-size business jet.
“AB Jets were looking to upgrade their offering with the ultimate jet experience, and we are thrilled that they recognized the Challenger 3500 as the aircraft that can provide just that,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President, Aircraft Sales & Bombardier Defense. “With our uncompromising commitment to superior performance, an elevated cabin experience, the smoothest ride and consistent reliability, our jets are the aircraft of choice for operators who want to offer a best-in-class business jet experience to their customers. We are looking forward to being AB Jets’ partner of choice in the exciting new chapter for the company.”
In addition to their primary operations, the Memphis, TN based charter operator offers supplemental lift services to brokers, flight departments, and operators. Whether providing support during peak demand periods or as a dependable contingency plan, their reliability record has earned them a place as a trusted partner in the aviation industry.

This step is a natural evolution for an enduring relationship

“With a fleet of nine Learjet 60 aircraft, we’ve been an operator and advocate of Bombardier aircraft for more than twenty years,” shared David Turner, Co-owner and Director of Operations at AB Jets. “Our experience has given us confidence in the quality and performance of the product and the team who delivers it. This step is the natural evolution of our enduring relationship.”
Bettis and Turner, high-time pilots with extensive Learjet 60 experience, lead the AB Jets team in this strategic expansion. Bettis’ indomitable spirit has forged enduring and meaningful client relationships, which has helped the company realize the market needs these new aircraft will service. Turner’s experience as an Air Force veteran and C130 Crew Chief before transitioning to the cockpit and then to executive management guides his nuanced understanding of every aspect of the operation. Together, they’ve cast a meaningful vision for AB Jets’ growth.

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