Jennifer Dow,

Director of Client Services

You’ve heard geese flying overhead – they’re noisy, right? Apparently, the noisy ones are in the back encouraging the ones in the front to keep going.

Today we’re making some noise and sending out some encouragement to employees who are in the front of our flock. We want to encourage them to keep up the great work and fly high.

This employee spotlight is Jennifer Dow Director of Client Services. We asked Jenny to answer a few questions about her work here, then we asked the *bosses* about her.


“When customers thank me for assisting with their trip. It’s very satisfying to know I’ve helped people.”

No Dull Days

you’ve been here 13+ years, what keeps you coming back for more?

“No dull days. Every day is different because each client is unique. I love the challenge and fast pace. Our customers are interesting and I enjoy getting to know them.”

what the bosses say about jenny:

“Jenny is like our Swiss Army knife. She’s high-quality, trustworthy, and an expert multi-tasker. We depend on her comprehensive understanding of our business and her wide range of skills to handle the different tasks required of her.”

extra credit:

Jenny really loves the aviation industry. She is a member of the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee and is currently serving as the chair of the Publicity, Communications, and Marketing subcommittee. They are currently working to coordinate educational sessions for the Schedulers and Dispatchers Convention coming up in January 2022. (Can’t wait!)

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